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Protean Service Management Software

Protean service management software is an operations management solution for any business operating in service and maintenance industries.

The system has been designed and developed to more efficiently improve operations and maximise their potential. Freeing administrative staff from the high volume of tasks associated with selling, servicing and hiring equipment, and managing engineers etc., your business can grow through a workforce focused on more productive and profitable activities.

Here are some of the key modules and functionalities within the Protean service management software.

  • The in-built equipment register replaces the unnecessary paperwork associated with the tracking of equipment supplied to your clients under warranty, maintenance contract or neither.
  • Using the client relationship module you can prioritise resources in order to grow your most profitable accounts. Power lead generation, manage your sales pipeline and make accurate sales forecasts.
  • Implement improved parts control minimise the loss of productivity that can result from poor monitoring of parts leaving your warehouses. Get alerted when stocks are low, maintain appropriate levels and free up cash flow.
  • Effectively navigate and search your equipment inventory using variables such as specification, availability and current condition. Find out all the details on a piece of equipment and cross reference with the reserved/on hire diary function before deciding whether it is appropriate to place it on a contract.
  • Manage the sales process from enquiry through to quotation, order and invoice with powerful workflows ensuring no opportunity is unnecessarily lost or stalled.
  • Through in-built reporting get easy access to the management information you need to improve your company’s profitability and productivity.

See how businesses have used the solution to drive efficiency and meet their customers demands:

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