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End of Sage Line 100 Mainstream Support

End of Sage Line 100 Mainstream Support

Sage has ended support of its Sage Line 100 product. Pinnacle will continue to provide support to customers using this solution, however there are implications you will need to consider.

They will no longer be able to guarantee that Sage Line 100 will be legislatively compliant and there will be no technical or development support. All Hot Fixes and Service Packs will also cease and feature requests will no longer be accepted.

The main reason behind these changes are around the technology platform upon which Line 100 is built ie DOS technology which is increasingly un-supported on modern day hardware and software operating systems. By introducing these changes Sage will enable its R&D and Support teams to focus on current and future technologies, and pave the way for the next generation of Sage 200.

What Next? ... Sage 200

Sage Line 100 customers can easily migrate their software to Sage 200. 

Sage 200 is built on a platform of industry leading financial, commercial, CRM and business intelligence software, Sage 200 enables you to streamline end to end business processes and empowers you to make smarter business decisions with confidence.

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