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Sage CRM On-Premise

Sage CRM is an on-premise customer relationship management software solution for companies who want customisable CRM that integrates with Sage ERP. It is ideal for medium to large sized businesses.

Manage your important customer relationships

Record key details about every customers. Then, you can make every interaction count and build more rewarding relationships.

  • Integrate with Sage ERP

Improve interdepartmental communications, reduce duplication of data and of work, and make more informed business decisions.

  • Send and track email campaigns MailChimp

Create a targeted email campaign for free. Then, send your campaign to 2,000 leads and customers, and track your open and click-through rates.

  • Use Business Accelerators for Sales

Track progress against your business’s KPIs using this suite of tools. Plus, you can help sales people become more productive and close sales faster.

  • Work from anywhere with Mobile CRM

Make important business decisions based on real-time reports. Access critical customer data on the road or at customer sites, and use our dedicated apps for iPhone, Android and Windows 8.

  • Deliver exceptional customer service

Provide a consistent experience to every customer. You can also improve the quality of support with a central knowledgebase and increase customer retention rates.

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