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The Pensions Module

  • Automatic Enrolment results in the running of numerous reports and then manually working through the reports to identify who is eligible for a pension and then manually enrolling them to the relevant scheme.
  • The Pensions Module links with your Sage 50 Payroll and does all of the work for you at a click of a button.
  • Automated assessment –  Automatically assesses your full workforce against AE and legislation to identify who is eligible.
  • Automated categorisation – Automatically categorises your workforce assigning them into eligible jobholder, non eligible job holder and the entitled categories.
  • Automated enrolment – Automatically enrols each eligible worker it finds from the assessment into the pension scheme you’ve set up.
  • Automated postponement – Postpones according to the criteria set by you and records the date so the worker can be automatically re-assessed at the correct time.
  • Automated opt ins / opt outs – Processes opt ins and opt outs as they are received from your pension provider.
  • Your pension provider needs the correct information, in the correct format, at the correct time. The automated processing from the pensions module eliminates manual processing and worry.
  • Automated data files – Automatically creates the data files in the correct format ready to be sent to your pension provider.
  • Direct data transfer – Directly transfer the data from the program to your pension provider in any format and or email depending on the provider.
  • Pending and historic transfers – Automatically identifies the files that have been sent and those that are due based on date criteria. You can access previous submissions for historical purposes.
  • Automated payment files – Automatically creates the payment files in the correct format detailing the payments to be sent to your pension provider each period.
  • Pending and historic payment transfers – Automatically identifies payments that have to be sent based on date criteria and prompts you to send them. You can access previous payments for historical purposes.
  • Employees need to receive communications in the correct format and at the time specified by the pension’s regulator. The Pensions Module writes the communications for you, all you have to do is press send / print.
  • Automatically create communication – Automatically creates individually addressed communication as defined by the regulator depending on the automatic enrolment event.
  • Pending and historic communications – Automatically identifies communications that have to be sent based on date criteria and prompts you to send them. You can access previous communications for historical purposes.
  • Automated employee record history – Automatically attaches the communication to the individual employee record

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